Sen Platform

The CODIE Awarded LMS For School Blended Teaching

SEN Platform provides complete feature set for teacher's flip-class room blended teaching: Instruct, Practice, Assess, Diagnose and Differentiate. Teaching becomes more enjoyable with our interactive tools, curriculum structured and standard aligned map contents so Teachers can do what they do best in classroom.

Sen Platform

Allows Teachers To Understand
Every Student’s Performance Effortlessly

SEN LMS provides online assessment system with auto-scoring function for Teachers and Students to perform intensive assessments with right focuses. The more Students do assignments on SEN LMS, the better system helps Teacher learn more about Student’s behavior and learning styles with an accurate snapshot of student’s performance in real-time. SEN Platform notifies Teacher students' problems before he falls behind and suggests suitable teaching contents for Teacher’s quick and precise responses.

Sen Platform

Helps Teachers Teach to The Right Focus with Personalized Instructions

SEN Platform is one of a few innovative designs that empowers Teachers’ flexibility to personalize teaching contents based on individual Student’s performance data. SEN Platform data-driven analysis mechanism helps Teachers continually monitor the results and further fine-tune to make sure the adjustments best suit Students’ own needs.


Learning Analytics Empowers Teaching Efficiency

No more clueless assessing ,SEN analytic engine collects data-rich information about Student’s learning at each of their answer submitted, analyzes and recognizes what makes students struggling then recommends teacher suitable tailored instructions.

Sen platform

Provide Teachers with visual overview snapshot of class study progress in real-time: Student’s proficiency levels, number of assignments that students submitted and class average scores

Sen platform

Submitted assignments are auto-scored and stored with statistical information for teachers to review and analyze with students anytime anywhere

Sen platform

Provide real-time data-rich, yet easy-to-interpret growth reports for teachers and administrators to monitor progress of student’s development between interval duration.

Sen platform

Dashboard alerts teachers the at-risk students and their problems to quickly respond to before they fall off track.

How SEN Makes Teaching Adaptive to Student?

SEN engine collects data-rich information about Student’s learning at each of their answer submitted, analyzes and recognizes what make students struggling then recommend suitable tailored instructions.

The engine analyzes many factors at each student’s answer:

  • How long does it take student to complete?
  • How many hints/reference resources did student use ?
  • What is level of difficulty of the question ?
  • How many times has student tried to solve this problem?
Sen platform

Encouraging Learning Environment For Students

With SEN, students have an encouraging and well equipped learning & research environment which supports them to further improve beyond their performances. SEN gives Students choices in getting personalized explanation after an incorrect answer or asking for helpful hints that make each quiz not just a quiz but a practical problem solving

Sen platform

Explanation associates with answer to encourage Student’s better next try

Sen platform

Historical learning and practice results are stored for students’s continuous self-analysis