View Learning performance of student in class and gradebook

Personalizing learning capacity of students in class

  1. Choose “Report” in navigation bar 
  2. Choose “Rubrics” in Report tab

In this section, there are 3 different tabs showing 3 different reports

  • Daily Report: allowing parents to view daily rubrics sent by teacher, the speedometer with color is the indicator for the below learning objective of the class. Parents can hover the mouse onto the color to see the meaning.
  • Summary Report:

The cumulative report shows your kid’s ability in the form of a time chart (the last 12 sessions). The dots are accumulated in color, if the dots are mostly in the upper part, it means that their learning is good.

  • My private teacher report (for students participating in the Innovate program)

The red line represents your child’s learning ability in the classroom session, the blue line represents his / her learning ability at the online lesson.

Report of your child’s gradebook at Apollo English

At the end of each module of your child, Apollo English will have a skill test score sheet and Parents will be able to view the marks and Teacher’s comments by:

Step 1: select Report on the toolbar
Step 2: select “Gradebook” in the Reports section

Parents can select the module to view points by clicking “See more”

The score sheet appears with % chart for each skill and total score of the child. At the top is two speed meters that represent the average score of the child and the grade point average