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SchoolCento – How to keep stable Re-enrollment Rate for school

January 10, 2020

In addition to attracting new Students, maintaining the current number of current Students staying with the School is also a top priority for the Schools. The cost of finding a new Student is five times higher than the cost of retaining an old Student. 

As the school year is about to end and before Parents begin to consider comparing multiple School options, this is the time when schools need to focus on increasing the number of re-enrollment to ensure the number of students for the new school year. A satisfied parent can refer more customers to the school.

1. Understanding your parents will make them want to continue with your school

When the School plans and prepares for campaigns to attract new Students, keep in mind the current Students.

Consider organizing an event for them, such as a meeting between administrators and parents, to listen to their ideas, or to honor their academic achievements, share satisfied stories, organize events. information exchange and clarification events with Parents …

In addition, technology should be used to measure Parents’ satisfaction and interest. Technology can assist the School in capturing the points Parents care about most and their interactions so the School can focus on helping them eagerly re-register

2. Simplify the registration process and keep track of their satisfaction

Parents are increasingly receiving information, papers and requests from the School such as invoices, permission forms, emails, documents, registration forms, fundraising requests, donations, donations, transcripts, etc. These channels make remembering the parents’ registration more difficult, as well as monitoring the process, the level of registration for the school becomes unfocused and difficult to control.

3. Receive quickly and respond quickly to Parent requests

Usually, parents make the decision to leave school very early before the enrollment season begins. This may be resulted from just a single request, or an unresolved response.

The systems that focus on receiving grievances and requests from parents must be created and guaranteed to be organized as a two-way communication channel between the School and the Parents, helping to resolve Parent’s problems and concerns. Parents throughout the school year is the key to the number of parents re-registering.

SCHOOLCENTO – web application and mobile communication application, developed by SEN Technologies – is a two-way centralized communication channel for Schools and Parents with full features Feedback, Request, Tracking bus, Menu tracking, Photos, Study and activity schedules, event notifications, tuition reminders, etc.

The school is completely proactive. The system has been implemented for more than 35,000 parents, the preferred and reliable communication tool of parents and top schools in Vietnam, easy to use as an optimal solution and effective communication with parents.

A Parent who is satisfied with the school’s services and education is a potential source of growth for school enrollment.

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