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Sen Technology Releases Sen Platform Version 2.0

August 7, 2016

The SEN Platform Release 2.0 was successfully been rolled out. This release offers Publishers the fully intergrated Digital Content Management and Learning Management Platform creating the solid background for further Smart Added Values development for the educational contents. These Added Values help Publishers secure the competitiveness also help Educators  advance their teaching and student learning to the next level of smart education and efficiency. 

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SEN Platform helps Publisher deliver much more than test preparation and assessments. For specific local market requirements, Publisher can deliver a full curriculum product that includes items found today in textbooks, workbooks, lab books, lesson plans, video libraries, audio libraries, online assessments and content-aligned gaming tools in a XML/HTML5 format. The most advance format that help Publisher write once and publish to multiple markets thus diversify sales channels.

Multi Channel , XML. HTML 5, Digitalization, SEN Platform, Common Core

SEN Platforms not publishing static PAGES, but publishing CONTENT as assets which are then organized by metadata dynamically into pages. With revolutionary Structure Data design, SEN platform provides Publisher the flexibility to reduce half of time to roll out new customized products.

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Be ready to transform from a teacher centered education method into the student focused one. Our Release 2.0 offers a wide range of functions to allow teachers to provide differentiated instruction that is aligned to local standards and better engage students on their individual learning level and specific learning style. The assessment system help Teachers free from Prepparation Works,  thus have more productive time for class room. For a fraction of the cost of traditional instructional materials, SEN Platform provides high quality interactive digital curriculum, flexible instructional delivery, and real-time data that allow the tracking of student achievement and data-driven mechanism for teaching customization


The release  will be introduced to the investors and partners at the conference in Hanoi on 16/5. At the same time, The SEN Team is working with partners including Pearson, Junior Achievement, PARCC to investigate  the feasibility of  the Common Core standards for Vietnam students readiness for International colleages

For more information about us anf our system, please contact:

Nguyen Doan Duc (Mr.)