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SEN TECHS Helps Engineering Schools Advance English Quality

August 7, 2016

SEN TECHS, as a member in the BUILT-IT project in collaboration with Arizona State University (ASU) is working with HCM International University (HCM-IU), HCM University of Technologies (HCM-UT), and University of Information Technology (UIT) to adopt SEN Platform to advance English teaching quality for students.

English is the main concern of companies about graduated engineers. SEN Platform adoption will help Teachers cut down more than 50% preparation tasks, thus have more time to focus on quality and individual student’ needs, better engage them for better outcomes. With these successful implementations, Sen TECHs will expand the excellent solution to other engineering universities.

Engineering Schools who are interested in this program, please email to

Dr. Nguyen Anh Tuan, Dean of The Network & Communication School at UIT University introduces his School to

Mr. Nguyen Doan Duc – SEN Techs and Mr. Karl Theisen – ASU at the discussion