Sen Platform

Sen Techs Introduces Sen Platform At The Biggest Conference Of Carolina Tesol 2015

August 7, 2016

Carolina TESOL is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to improve the quality of education for English language learners and to promote effective intercultural communication and understanding !

Their goals are to collect and disseminate information about teaching English to speakers of other languages and related bilingual/bicultural issues, to stimulate professional development, and to provide opportunities for discussion of issues in the field of ESL and bilingual/bicultural education.

South Carolina TESOL system has no Online Learning Management System. This public operated teacher association really needs SEN Platform to improve their efficiency with digitalized added values. Their concern is the limited budget. SEN Platform working with local fund donors to deploy pilot project. The advantages of SEN Platform to TESOL is cost-wise & mature solution that can be quickly deployed and flexibly customized to meet SC TESOL’s specific requirements. The pilot case success will bring SEN Platform to state-wide adoption which then allow SC TESOL commercialize their curriculum and teaching services to other markets to create their own incomes. 

Conference Journal can be found here:http://

At the Conference, SEN Platform share with Heads of School Districts about  how SEN Platform can help School make Teaching Easier for Better Outcomes. The presentation can be found here: http://


TESOL Teachers are interested in how SEN Platform help them cut down 75% of preparation tasks and make better teaching outcome quality 


Mr.Duke  presents and do QnA about  SEN Platform to Heads of School Districts