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Why we don’t do legal terms negotiation?

December 2, 2019

Our success is not only coming from our product make clients success, it also comes from our strong company culture, where everyone maintains their top performance. 

SEN TECHS only focus is to improve the values for customers. Different from other software vendors, SEN TECHS does not have dedicated department for the negotiation of price, or a legal terms. But we keep at minimum time and cost for these complicated back and forth negotiation. By decreasing those non-productive activities, we can reduce costs, better optimize our price, and deliver high quality services for customers.

To save client’s time with clear understanding about products , we provide :

-A way to simply book a demo with us just in one click

-A way for customer evaluate our product by themselves trial system and app for free

-A clear and transparent price, which is no hidden cost  or any surprises. 

-The contract is simple and fair

Legal department is unnecessary for us, so SEN team can focus on improving products and services. Instead of providing different contracts for different customers, we only use one contract for all of our customers, one consistent process to support customers and manage subscriptions. 

SEN TECHS designed a fair and clear contract, written with the interest of the vendor and customer in mind for saving both us and our customer time. We know some legal department may disappointed with our approach, but we fight for the simplicity otherwise the complexity of negotiation may ruin businesses of SEN and Clients

So, we’re sorry if we refuse to negotiate the contract terms. It’s not because we are impolite or hard negotiators. It’s simply that we just help client save not by complicated negotiation but by outcomes of improving values, fair price with no unexpected hidden costs, and reliable products

We hope this blog helps everyone understand.