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SCHOOLCENTO – The Mobile App Helps Your School Engage Parents

SchoolCento is mobile app runs on parents’ smartphones and provides school a centralized channel for communication, professional customer service and 98%+ reachable marketing/PR. SchoolCento helps school secure parents’ trust by sending daily information of kid’s learning activities, pictures, outcomes as well as safety checkpoints and many more.


SchoolCento increases Parents' trust in School
while saving Schools time and money.

Secure Parents's Trust

Make parents happy being well-informed with kidsʼs activities and daily learning progress: pictures, scores, teacher comments, home works, improvements. Also solve their issues quickly with easy 2-way communication

Improve Quality

Parents’s support is very important to young learners. SchoolCento helps parents to communicate with school anytime, anywhere thus quickly fix the studentʼs problem before they fall out of track and quit your school

Save Costs & Time

No more thousands of dollars spent on printing, calling and sending SMS! SchoolCento allows school to send unlimited messages for free of charge.  Not just that, say bye to monthly cost of paper printing and mailing for parentsʼs letters and reports.


School can send notifications to all or specific parents for urgent alerts, important reminds or due dates. The notification makes sure parents will not miss school messages and follow up easily.


With SchoolCento, school keeps parent stay on top of all kid’s calendar, school events, meal plans and let Parents react then collect Parents satisfaction analytics for better customer service.


Parents can easily post feedbacks or issues to school customer service and get feedbacks directly from school anywhere anytime on smart phones. Help school to resolve parents issues quickly.

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A successful case study:
SchoolCento helps Apollo English secure 20.000 parents's loyalty

Apollo is the top ranked English School in Vietnam with 40 centers  offering premium English training courses to 20.000  students.  Their premium student’s parents are high demanding, so customer service quality is the utmost priority.

Apollo adopted the SchoolCento solution  and white-label to Alex. The Alex app has been widely adopted by 20,000 parents throughout Vietnam,  saves Apollo 10.000 dollars/month and keep parents  happy with daily visual reports and personalized insights of their kid’s improvements, including:

  • Teacher’s comments
  • Progress reports
  • School announcement
  • Class schedule
  • Home works
  • Gradebook
  • Attendance
  • Class pictures
  • Send Feedbacks

Want to learn more how SchoolCento helps you make customers happy and trust in your business with the most affordable cost?

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I’ve been searching for one stop solution to enhance our parents communication. The SchoolCento application , which is white-labelled to Alex, is definitely the one! We not only save thousands of dollars spent on daily SMS, phone calls, admin works, but we also achieve magnificent branding impacts to parents.

Philippe Girard
Group Head of IT - Apollo English
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